Carnesky’s Ghost Train Undergoes Huge Regeneration Project

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Carnesky’s Ghost Train, the celebrated interactive horror theatre experience located on Blackpool’s promenade, has undergone a huge regeneration over the summer months.

Created by award winning theatre producer Marisa Carnesky, the attraction is part fairground ride, part live theatre and part scare attraction, which cleverly combines Victorian illusions with state of the art lighting and animatronics, to create an immersive environment which is totally unique.

Populated by a variety of talented scareactors, the experience tells a tragic tale of long lost daughters in a war torn state, and offers riders the chance to experience live theatre mixed with choreographed scares in a truly fantastical environment.

Over the summer months a new facade featuring skeletal remains, wooden manikin limbs and a burnt out theme has regenerated the popular attraction.

Inside, new sets and characters showcase lavish theatrical costumes and dynamic makeup to ensure riders endure an experience they will not forget.

The attraction has enjoyed a terrific second season in it’s northern home, and continues to be open every weekend until November – with extra dates around Halloween.

For full information visit or on Facebook!/pages/Carneskys-Ghost-Train/351100639150


Casting for 2011 Season – Carnesky’s Ghost Train

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Carnesky’s Ghost Train – part ride, part scare attraction, part visual theatre, is seeking new blood to join our existing cast for dates throughout 2011 between April and November.

A workshop audition will be held in Blackpool on 26th March 2011. Cast members must be versatile, able to work safely in the dark, have a theatrical performance based background and/or training, able to get to and from Blackpool easily, be a member of Equity (or prepared to join) and have a love for all things strange and macabre. This is a challenging show which requires high energy levels and stamina.

We are seeking to create a ‘pool’ of performers who will be booked on a freelance basis throughout the season. Rates are Equity minimum, and you must be self employed (or be prepared to become self employed) For full details of the show visit

Location: Blackpool, United Kingdom Payment details: Equity minimum – £8.27 per hour Applications to this casting call require: •A phone number •A profile photo, email

Carnesky’s Ghost Train Re-Opens for Showzam!

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Returning due to popular demand for the third year running, Carnesky’s Ghost Train has been resurrected to take brave adventurers on a spooky ride and retell the story of despair and tragedy.

There was once a group of daughters that escaped from a war torn town on a night train. The train mysteriously disappeared and the daughters were never seen again. No one knows what happened to them. Folklore has it that it was a phantom train sent by spirits to deliver them from the terror of this world.

Take a nightmarish fairground ride through a maze of darkened tunnels where ghostly ladies in tattered vintage dresses haunt sinister trains and abandoned stations.

 Inhabited by extraordinary live performers, creepy animatronics, spectacular magic illusions, eerie moving sets, and a dazzling show of lights, Carnesky’s Ghost Train, the quirky arthouse funfair ride is being resurrected to spectacular proportions in the heartland of the British seaside.

‘One of the most magical rides you’ll ever experience’. The Guardian


Sat 19 Feb 2011 1pm – 6pm

Sun 20 Feb 2011 1pm – 6pm

Thu 24 Feb 2011 2pm – 6pm

Fri 25 Feb 2011 2pm – 6pm

Sat 26 Feb 2011 1pm – 6pm

Sun 27 Feb 2011 1pm – 6pm


Flagstaff Gardens

Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

How to book

Turn up at the box office.


Adults: £4.50, Children 13 and under: £3.50, Family (2 adults, 2 children) £14.00

‘Phantastic’ New Facade Manifests on Carnesky’s Ghost Train!

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Following our recent addition inside the Ghost Train in the shape of a ‘swinging surprise’, this week the front of the building has been re-designed and fitted with a fright filled facade featuring a series of our ghosts sitting in the carriage windows of a rusty old train. 

Also new, is an entry porch and we have many more exciting changes in the pipeline.  Producer and Artistic Director Marisa Carnesky has been buying new properties to create an even more creepy vintage interior from local prop warehouse and vintage shopping arcade Bygone Times near Chorley. 

Why not come down and ride the Ghost Train to see our new changes, re-vamped show and stunning new exterior!  Remember, we are now open 7 days a week between midday and 8pm until the beginning of September.

Scarily Good News!

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Carnesky’s Ghost Train, the unique and spooktacular arthouse, funfair theatrical experience, now permanently located on the Blackpool seafront is now open 7 days a week until the end of August.  With even more opportunities to scream why not come down and immerse yourself in a world of spooks and spirits where the ghosts of yesteryear will entertain you in a live experience unrivalled in the UK!

Carnesky’s Ghost Train is one of Scare Attraction Experts Favourites!

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Carnesky’s Ghost Train Reviewed by the great guys at

Located just north of the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool and just opposite the Sandcastle Pool complex lies a real gem of a scare show. Like most of our visitors to this site we enjoy nothing more than being terrified out of our wits within a scare attraction. Sometimes though it’s nice to enjoy some more subtle scares and if you’re looking for those, make sure you visit Carnesky’s Ghost Train while in Blackpool.

Telling the story of a group of Victorian daughters who disappeared after boarding a train during war times, a common “fun fair” ghost train this is not. No tacky figures, gaudy luminous paint are to be seen within its walls. 
The story is told using a mixture of effects, actors and yes, you may have guessed it, a ghost train ride. As the train rattles round its track, visitors are treated to a superbly crafted few minutes of entertainment and scares as the train travels through some ever changing sets.

It’s not often that we go through something like this with a grin from ear to ear at the wonderfulness and inventiveness of it all. Not to mention the cleverness too! Enough “ness’s” perhaps but yes we were impressed!

Carnesky’s Ghost Train is a visual treat with everything happening “as if by magic”, taking visitors on an unforgettable creepy journey.

If we had to be picky then it would be that the dark curtains shielding the pre-show scene doesn’t quite shield the noise coming from outside as there were times that we had trouble listening to what was being said but that is all.

Having experienced more attractions than we care to remember Carnesky’s Ghost Train is now definitely one of our favourites. And to top it all its one of the best value scares in Blackpool at just £3.50 each or £10 for a family of four.

New Cast Members on 22nd May

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On Saturday 22nd May two new cast members will be performing in the Ghost Train.  Chris Kerry and Keely Smith are both experienced scare attraction performers having appeared in many scare attractions around the country including Scare Kingdom Scream Park and HEX in the Harvest.  Why not come along and see them in action when we open at midday (until 8pm), if you dare to that is..!