Derren Brown visits Carnesky’s Ghost Train in Blackpool!

Derren Brown, world famous master of magic recently visited the Ghost Train and posted the follwoing on his blog  at

“Yesterday in busy, bank-holiday Blackpool I visited Carnesky’s Ghost Train, just next to the Pleasure Beach. Ooh, it’s rather good. I had been to her earlier version in London and been a little disappointed, but this is definitely worth a visit. It’s a scary, intelligent, layered, disconcerting experience. The girl in front of me was proper freaking. Everyone involved does a great job – thank you all those who were tweeting afterwards following my visit. Took me ages to find a working cash-machine, but it was well worth it.”  Derren Brown

Derren also tweeted the following on his Twitter page @DerrenBrown “Just been on Carnesky’s Ghost Train in Blackpool. Intelligent and horrible: so much better the early London one. Well done Marisa! X”

Thanks for coming Derren, we are glad you enjoyed your spooky Blackpool trip into the weird world of Carnesky’s Ghost Train!


One Response to “Derren Brown visits Carnesky’s Ghost Train in Blackpool!”

  1. Great to see Darren Brown enjoyed it. He is a great believer in Blackpool and all it offers.

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