Carnesky’s Ghost Train is one of Scare Attraction Experts Favourites!

Carnesky’s Ghost Train Reviewed by the great guys at

Located just north of the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool and just opposite the Sandcastle Pool complex lies a real gem of a scare show. Like most of our visitors to this site we enjoy nothing more than being terrified out of our wits within a scare attraction. Sometimes though it’s nice to enjoy some more subtle scares and if you’re looking for those, make sure you visit Carnesky’s Ghost Train while in Blackpool.

Telling the story of a group of Victorian daughters who disappeared after boarding a train during war times, a common “fun fair” ghost train this is not. No tacky figures, gaudy luminous paint are to be seen within its walls. 
The story is told using a mixture of effects, actors and yes, you may have guessed it, a ghost train ride. As the train rattles round its track, visitors are treated to a superbly crafted few minutes of entertainment and scares as the train travels through some ever changing sets.

It’s not often that we go through something like this with a grin from ear to ear at the wonderfulness and inventiveness of it all. Not to mention the cleverness too! Enough “ness’s” perhaps but yes we were impressed!

Carnesky’s Ghost Train is a visual treat with everything happening “as if by magic”, taking visitors on an unforgettable creepy journey.

If we had to be picky then it would be that the dark curtains shielding the pre-show scene doesn’t quite shield the noise coming from outside as there were times that we had trouble listening to what was being said but that is all.

Having experienced more attractions than we care to remember Carnesky’s Ghost Train is now definitely one of our favourites. And to top it all its one of the best value scares in Blackpool at just £3.50 each or £10 for a family of four.


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