About Carnesky’s Ghost Train

There was once a group of daughters that escaped from a war torn town on a night train. The train mysteriously disappeared and the daughters were never seen again. No one knows what happened to them. Folklore has it that it was a phantom train sent by spirits to deliver them from the terror of this world…

Take a nightmarish fairground ride through a maze of darkened tunnels where ghostly ladies in tattered vintage dresses haunt sinister trains and abandoned stations.

Inhabited by extraordinary live performers, creepy animatronics, spectacular magic illusions, eerie moving sets, and a dazzling show of lights, Carnesky’s Ghost Train, the quirky arthouse funfair ride is being resurrected to spectacular proportions in the heartland of the british seaside.  Now in it’s true spiritual home, Carnesky’s Ghost Train is located permanently on the promenade in Blackpool.

History of the ride…

The original smaller version of the show toured the UK starting with a summer run at Truman’s Brewery in Brick Lane, East London 2004. It went on to appear at the Fierce Festival, The Brit Awards and Glastonbury. It was funded and supported by the Arts Council, independent production company Hellhound, Nesta and received commissions from London Arts Projects, Fierce Festival, Warwick Arts Centre, and Queer Up North as well as receiving smaller awards and support from Mama Cash, European Cultural Foundation and Creative Lewisham.



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