Over the Easter holidays we decided on visiting Carnesky’s Ghost Train whilst on a day out in Blackpool!

We’d heard about its live actors and ghoulish atmosphere inside and even though a couple of our party weren’t too keen (scaredy cats!) we were eager to see it for ourselves.

Once we’d got our tickets, in we went to the front of the station where we were greeted by a head through the wall wailing whilst throwing his arms in every direction and banging his hands against the walls whilst briefly telling us the story of Carnesky’s!  The small gathering in there were panicking, and some were anxious to leave already!

We were shown through and one of the characters strolled down the platform by the train letting us all board.  Off we set and on the way round we were greeted by the ticket controller who angrily stomped towards us shouting and pointing with a torch light dramatically waving across our faces.

Screams and shouts from the passengers were infectious as we moved on past various rooms where the daughters were hanging around and seemed trapped in their existence there.  They chased the train at different points and seemed to appear from nowhere when least expected!  

It came to an end after about four laps of the station and I think most in there were well and truly scared out of their wits and eager to get out!

My party thoroughly enjoyed Carnesky’s Ghost Train – even the few that were anxious to ride it! 

It was an awesome experience and fabulous idea for live actors to be inside the Ghost Train ~ something I’ve never seen before!  I’d certainly ride it again.

Keep up the frights Carnesky’s ~ incredible!

Kelly Thomas, Lancashire



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