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Derren Brown, world famous master of magic, recently visited the Ghost Train and posted the follwoing on his blog  at

“Yesterday in busy, bank-holiday Blackpool I visited Carnesky’s Ghost Train, just next to the Pleasure Beach. Ooh, it’s rather good. I had been to her earlier version in London and been a little disappointed, but this is definitely worth a visit. It’s a scary, intelligent, layered, disconcerting experience. The girl in front of me was proper freaking. Everyone involved does a great job – thank you all those who were tweeting afterwards following my visit. Took me ages to find a working cash-machine, but it was well worth it.”  Derren Brown


On our Facebook page, Ghost Train rider Jodie Kay said the following:

At last!!! I rode the train today after reading an article in Bizarre magazine ages ago. Absolutely fab! Bloody frightening, but fab! And I am almost certain I recognise the performer who comes out of the clock….looks like Jason Karl from Most Haunted, I have one of his books and I looked when I got home…prob not, …but looked like him.
I am going to recommend this Ghost Train to all my friends!!  Definately a wonderful cast, the ambience and performance makes it so different to anything else. A true gem and well worth months of wait, I can’t stop telling people about it! =) x


On our Facebook page, Ghost Train rider Richard Jones said the following:

Well what a great ride it is and worth the £3.50 to for what you can do in a small space is great. Worth Going down there for if in the area for something differnt. Thanks again guys.


On our Facebook page, Ghost Train rider Daniel Stewart said the following:

thankyou so much for opening up last weekend i had nothing but good reports about the ghost train and said its the best they have done and worth the price as well.


Ghost Train rider Josh Wragg, who has visited us several times, sent in a comment via his Mum Lorraine.

Hi I just wanted to say that you were Fabulous at Carnesky’s ghost train on Saturday,I took my son Josh who is a big fan of the ghost train,I particularly liked the voice thing you did, hilarious, made my day, thanks. I didnt actually go on the train but I will defo be going on next time lol, keep up the good work, fab,fab,fab,xxxx


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